Andréa Price is a creative consultant specializing in visual art and creative direction through the use of multiple mediums to provide imagination for her client's projects.



My artwork is a reflection of the vivid thoughts that flood my mind. Without this form of expression, I would be tortured with images dying to be unleashed into reality. I employ taboo desires such as women, beauty, money, drugs, etc. to invite the viewer into a place of speculation. The subject matter of each body of work determines the materials and the color formation of the work. Each portrait is similar to the birth or rebirth of the individual placed on the canvas. I aspire to create images that are literal interpretations of the individual’s fantasy perception of themselves and/or a visual representation of their alter ego. There are multiple meanings for each piece that I encourage the viewer to freely interpret. Life is an endless stream of inspiration. That concept is completely advantageous to me because it allows for new research in new interest areas that arise when the moment of inspiration hits, thus leading to the next body of work.

- Dré Price